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Our position on the current lockdown situation

Posted On: 15 Jan 2021 by John Rolfe

A quick message from Philip Taubenheim on how we want to keep to our traditional values


We have been working hard to put to market what we believe to be one of the largest sales in the country. It is prepared, catalogued, photographed and now online through our website, EasyLiveAuction.com and The-Saleroom.com – all 2,100 lots will receive worldwide attention.


When we found ourselves in the same position last March, there was obvious concern about how the sale would perform.  In a nutshell, because most people were suddenly home based and with nowhere to go, they turned to their computers.  The 1,000 online registered bidders increased to 3,000 by the time the sale was released, resulting in some truly remarkable prices being achieved!


We are poised to be one of the very first auctions out of the trap, once we are able to proceed, so we may be able to give you only a few days notice of the designated date.  However, we fully expect this auction to quietly gather interest and momentum as the days pass. With antique shops and collectors fairs closed, collectors and traders are very limited to the places from which they can buy, resulting in only a tiny amount of goods reaching the market at present, which in turn will increase prices perhaps only temporarily and it is important therefore that we sell as quickly as possible once the present restrictions are lifted enough for us to sell.


If the current restrictions extended we could of course be forced into a situation where the lots are offered in an ‘online only’ sale. This would mean only receiving bids through our three online live bidding platforms. We would rather not do this. Many other auctioneers have and it does not seem to have a negative impact on hammer prices but as stated we are in a strong position to be the first ‘traditional’ auction once the restrictions on nonessential retail are softened.  


If you have any concerns please email the office, and either John or I will get back to you promptly – frustrating yes, downhearted no!


Philip Taubenheim